I'm Jagger and
I'm awkward

"I haven’t sung like this since in chuch"
says my uncle as he plays greenday rockband (via estabomb)



How to make your hipster blog 5000% better:

  • delete it





Who dis be?
Jagger Tyrone Himmelman-Winterbourne.

How old are you?
4 going on 5.

How tall are you?
6 feet, nig idk that shit.

Relationship status?
single and a slut.

Where do you live?

Canada !

Check out my blog?
if you ask nicely c:

Promo for promo?

Follow back?
hell ya hell ya


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  • friend: there's nothing worse than death
  • me: final seasons
  • me: post-concert depression
  • me: when there's no food
  • me: fictional characters dying
  • me: hipsters blogs
  • me: your crush asks someone else out
  • me: no wi-fi
  • friend:
  • me: when porn appears on your dash while someone is behind you
  • me: oh and crocs


This is here for you when it’s hard to find your smile. You deserve it.